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The colors of the angel callers are diverse, altough we can remember them with their typical silvery color:

The green angel caller means health, balance, hopeness and honesty, it is good if you have a certain sickness or if you want to have wishes to be come true.
The white angel caller means pureness, innocence, perfection and immortality. It is good in case of stress and desorientation.
The black angel caller is elegance, gives you interiour force.
The red angel caller is the symbol of passion, fire, forcé and love. If you want to  improve your relationschip with the family, couple or in the job, it is yours.
The blue angel caller means responsability, fluency, concentration, feelings. It is good for professionels, students and those who want to improve the force of their mind.
The turquoise angel caller means honesty, communication, balance and confidence in yourself. In case that there might be important changes in your life it would help you.
The golden angel caller means fortune, independence and more. It is good to obtain greater gains and prosperity.
The purple angel caller means balance and liberty, it helps you to protecto yourself during long distance journeys or on  the way of wisdom.
The yellow angel galler is optimism and vitality. It is good if you are depressive or are having negative emotions you want to get rid of.
The rose angel caller helps you to maintain your youth, beauty or to conquer a true love.
The orange angel caller means energy. It give you force, stimulates your activity and self esteem. It is good for taking new steps in your life.
The colors are diverse and each of it has different connotations as well as might provide you advantages. Sellect the one that adapts as much as possible to your requirements and take the advantage of the benefits life might offer you.

Material: Alloy metals

It is very important to be really careful with the use of lotions, perfumes, medicines and chemical products that can affect skin´s PH and can cause decoloration of the jewelry.

Treat your jewelry with care: do not swim, take a shower, do exercise etc. while wearing your jewelry.

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